hello. i’m ana.

welcome to this digital window: a centralised display of options, in hopes they might be useful for you.

core services

standard methodologies or tailor-made approaches. single one-time services or timeline follow-up. have a look at the options below.

write. speak.

Translations, Thesis editing or manuscript proofreading, Portuguese Conversational for non-natives.


Every route you tried so far got you nowhere? perhaps it is time for a meaningful change. Explore NLP, sound bowls, (tu)P.O.D.ES.


Take your dream to the next level. #DoTheWork. Hands-on. vision boards, coaching tools methodologies.

talks and workshops

Learn. Feed the curiosity of your inner eternal student, with a series of talks and workshops in various topics.

social economy

Applying for funding calls in social economy? Need tutoring in the project design and application process? Let’s brave it.

pay it forward

Get FREE workshops! and trade them for social activities. ‘exchange time for time’ concept. Choose the NGO to which offer the hours to.

Nemo goes 2.0

to hold back knowledge seems to me both egotistical and nonsensical, especially tools which are useful to find our better version.  So, why not share that, put it into the service of others?

Here you find training, knowledge, feedback, I accumulated over the years, either targeting the resolution of issues or just feeding my curiosity. They were my stepping stones for massive personal and professional improvement.

Now available to you, to brave that ocean and catch the big fish.

A work in progress. Every single day.

ready to take action?

every healthy exchange made with others is an incredible two-way street. You learn from the other person – and not surprisingly in the same measure – the other person learns from you, and your (unique) experiences.