Who am I

  • Idiosyncrasies: plenty.
  • Middle ground and negotiation: treasuring the balance and personal growth resultant from them.
  • Think in(out)side the box: which/whose box? depending on several factors, I oscillate between both.
  • Learn: with literally everyone I come across with.
  • Gratitude: everyday. for all the blessings. (even those I don’t recognise in that moment)

I come from Science.

With a PhD. in neuroscience and a MSc. in molecular genetics, both under the umbrella of neuromotor disorders – Machado-Joseph as well as Parkinson’s disease. The brain and how unknown it remains, fascinated me. The personal experience of having had a neurodegenerative disease case in the family, moved me.

I come from Service.

A volunteer with people under severe fragile circumstances. And as pro bono putting my knowledge, and time, into the service of others. Mission, purpose, responsibility, things ​bigger than me – keep me going and produce significant changes within me. To be able to be at the service of the community I am inserted in, is one of the greatest honours in my life.

What else?

Master practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming, coaching international certificated, music academy background. Hobbies: music/piano, film making, hiking, dwelling in possibilities (does that qualify as hobby?). Fitting into predefined labels is not my cup of tea, as my interests are variate. Gave up on utopian ideas of perfection and absence of error a long time ago. Still, driven and diligent in every enterprise I commit myself to. One of my latest (mad) endeavours is a book publishing microcompany: acronym LAR (means home in PT). My goal is to rescue and preserve our national cultural heritage.

Services available

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