Academic thesis or manuscripts proofreading.

‘Far far away’, there was handwriting. And logical thought had both mode and opportunity to organise itself – before, during and after – the letters drawn on paper. The time of handwriting is substrate for ordering mental chaos and find discernment.

(suggestion: reading articles on journalling benefits)

Today, the document is worked on simply and quickly. A problem emerges: ideas repeated in the text; concepts introduced which are either useless or underdeveloped; sterile line of argument; or the well-known ‘blindness’ of the author who, after consecutively (re)reading, no longer detects a typo. ‘Fresh’, external, eyes are needed.

What added value do you get from this service?

The answer is simple:

(i) you know that massive eye-rolling you get from your supervisor, after reading the text you sent him? Very well; you will no longer be its target;

(ii) the track changes corrections received a posteriori from your supervisor, cease to be a glimpse of the apocalypse and become finer suggestions, inherent to the topic under study, therefore, the manuscript is optimised;

(iii) delivering to your supervisor of a sharper document, deadlines are met and, especially, stress reduction (for both of you).

What is the value of that?

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