The stone that the builders rejected became the cornerstone.” (Lc 20,17).

I heard the other day a (free) interpretation of this. About stones said: Well-cut and perfect stones are essential for building an arch, for e.g. Right. But then inevitably it is necessary to use a keystone – a stone with a different, unconventional shape – to serve as wedge and support the arch. Without it, there is no arch, there is no construction, there is no beauty. Each person, exactly as they are in their traits, is the required ideal for contributing to something positive, precisely because they are (im)perfect.

I thought it was brilliant. An ode to the uniqueness of each person.

if you already know what your own uniqueness is, and are already working on ‘building the arch’, it might be useful:

1.   Coaching (tools)

I am not, going to encourage you to spend the money (you do not have), to buy the Ferrari (you do not need), to become famous (which does not make you happy) and have many admirers (and lose those who already liked you before), because the world is all glitter and unicorns (in what planet). To tell you, yes, that coaching has indeed effective and useful tools, in specific contexts. This service selects and provides the ones which are suitable for your case.

2.   Vision boards (workshop)

Coaching tool available separately for workshop purposes and general approach. Focus: (i) how to design, why they are useful, how to maximize their effect, etc.; (ii) accompany the clients at the beginning of the construction of their own personalised vision board.

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