Talks and Workshops

1. Happiness: which one?

2. Saboteurs

3. The underground passenger who reserved himself the right to be unmotivated

4. Placebo effect: myth or power

5. Usefulness or uselessness of pseudo-sciences?

6. Introduction to astrology: the archetypes you want to get to know up close

7. Complete astrology

8. Introduction to medical science – for general public:

8.1. The anatomy of a scientific paper: journals; structure; interpretation; solid vs debatable.

8.2. Dopamine journal club: breaking down scientific papers.

9. Self-fulfilling prophecy

10. (dis)encounters:

[the brain asks: ‘I need you to formulate a sincere objective’. the routine says: ‘what a bore! not now‘. the body somatises: ‘you’re a goner.’]

– the story in 3 acts.

11. Dementia: 10 things you need to know.

12. Coordinating social work volunteer teams: soft skills vital for success

On-demand. And upon existence of minimum quorum of enrolled people.  

Price on request.

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