Pay it forward

Amplify your knowledge and help a social institution at the same time!

FREE access to workshops in various topics designed to be practical, simple, reproducible. Workshops range from 1-3 hours’ length and are available for free – provided the participant contributes with equal volunteering to a social institution.

Underlying concepts: (i) ‘pay it forward ’ and (ii) ‘exchange time for time ’.

The social contribution must have the same number of hours as the workshop the person wishes to attend (e.g. if you wish to attend a 2-hour talk, then you must offer 2 hours of volunteer support to the social solidarity entity).

The list of available workshops/lectures include:

– Tree of decision

– CV (resume) for success

– Business model

– Motivation

– Creative writing 101

– Astrology and choice of jobs

– Gluten-free: survival manual


a) it is mandatory the person makes proof he/she/they offered volunteering, of that number of hours, to that institution. for e.g. with a declaration of presence, or a simple e-mail, given by the institution.

b) the workshops’ date and venue, are dependent upon the scheduling availability of the facilitator (as in, me) as well as minimum quorum of enrolled people.

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