PT for non-natives & Translation

PT conversational sessions

Carol is an expat living in Portugal. She cannot practice the Portuguese language, and feels she is not truly integrated in the local community. Why?

Select the correct option:

a) her social group is composed exclusively of expats;

b) when she is around PT natives, the latter switch to EN to get the message across;

c) she gets self-conscious whenever trying to speak PT, as she makes a lot of mistakes;

d) her colleagues from work do speak PT, but not slowly – decisions need to be made quick;

e) all of the above.

The purpose of this service is to improve the conversational level of the client.

How: provide custom-made sessions of Portuguese language, tailored according to vocabulary specific needs and the client’s individual learning curve. Conversational-based, with periodical “field trips” around the city (e.g. coffee shops, traditional stores), so that the client gets to practice with the locals what was learned in the previous sessions.

Sessions of either 60 min or 90 min/each.

Translation services

Designed mostly for non-natives living in the country, looking for technical or general EN-PT translations, but also nationals who need specialised PT-EN translations, unequivocal in getting the message across.

For translations with a technical nature, the areas available are life sciences, medicine, psychology, law. For general translations, the service is provided in any domain of knowledge.

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