Social economy

Why would the funding entity choose to give the money to you and your project, instead of allocating it to the project of your next-door neighbour?

  ̶ ‘oh, because our project is super incredible and innovative. ’

Right. True. so what? and the one from your neighbour is not?

This is just one of the questions to be brainstormed during the consultancy sessions. Conception; motive(for)action; timeline and milestones design; long-term sustainability; attentiveness for the fact that who reads applications is a jury composed not of robots but human beings (more often than not experts, btw) so to be aware of this whenever texts obtained from chatgpt are used; adapt the writing to specific application’s language style; expectations management and resilience-persistence in funding calls; etc.

This service may be provided as timeline follow-up, or one-time for a single topic.

There are a lot of trees you can plant in this world: choose a beautiful one.

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