Tibetan singing bowls

Imagine you draw five horizontal lines on paper, perfectly parallel to each other. Now, on top of the first line, counting from the bottom, draw a big dot (but small enough not to touch the line immediately above). Perfect. Then, starting from the right corner that dot, draw upwards a vertical line, which perpendicularly crosses the others. Congratulations. You have just written your first musical note: Mi.

Tibetan Singing Bowls, plus:

Methodology Do: Diary (journalling), Observation

Methodology Re: Relaxation, Rebalance

Methodology Mi: Mindfulness, Meditation

Objective: promote relaxation and well-being.

1- How to promote mental health and reduce the incidence of physical illness?

Prophylaxis. Upstream intervention: i. reduction of pathological levels of stress; ii. adoption of healthy daily habits (sports, nutrition, sleep); iii. certified medical monitoring.

2- How can sessions with Tibetan bowls contribute positively?

They promote relaxation states, resulting in cortisol levels reduction, ergo, gradually a restful sleep, ergo, you give your brain the opportunity to (self)regulate during sleep, ergo, improved levels of concentration and productivity whilst being more relaxed and immunity benefits, ergo, you feel better mentally, ergo, also promoted physically well-being.

3- In my opinion, what is the added value of singing bowls?

Precisely the sound: its simplicity and significant impact. Musical notes have no “hidden agenda,” do not require states of alertness or worry, or to rationalise. The musical notes and vibration, emitted when the bowl is struck, do not encounter the rational conscious resistances, thus work. You can simply relax, listen and feel. Sound is sound, simple and effective.

 Sessions: variable, but approx. 40-50 min/each.

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