(tu) P.O.D.E.S. & archetypes

Perspetiva do Objeto à Distância para Enquadramento e (re)Significação (P.O.D.E.S)

Perspective at distance of an object for framework and resignifying

This is a dichotomous method:

1. simple, in its execution and practical concept;

2. complex, as it applies a methodology based on highly symbolic, metaphorical language and abstract thought.

It contains some elements of NLP (e.g. perceptual positions), as well as script writing (e.g. hero’s journey). In practical terms, we will look at objects, think, extrapolate and interact with them, based on a (specific) set of questions that will be asked to the client.

Frequency: single session.

When: client is blocked in viewing options and surroundings of the problem.

What for: creating conditions for insights to emerge, therefore, unblocking the issue, hence, making visible conscious forms of action.

Archetypal astrology

As the lady said “do not deny from the start a science you do not know”. Well, let us be perfectly clear, it’s no conventional science that’s for sure. However, it provides incredibly interesting information, and that is also undeniable.

What do astrology signs, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, cinema and, especially, the choices you yourself have made (and still make) in life, have in common?

Discover the answer to that question by ordering one of the reports, based on your date, time and place of birth.

(i) complete natal chart; (ii) two areas of life only; (iii) annual transits

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